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Growing our community today for a brighter tomorrow

South Woodford Society was formed on 19th January 2015 and now consists of over 600 members working together to make South Woodford an even better place to live, work and visit.

One of the aims of the Society is to create a Neighbourhood Plan for South Woodford. This is a document that will clearly state what we, as a community, want to see happen in South Woodford. This could include things such as more affordable housing, protecting our green spaces from development and even improving the variety of businesses on George Lane and our other shopping areas.

In February 2020 we received official designation from Redbridge Local Council as the South Woodford Neighbourhood Forum. For more information, visit our Neighbourhood Plan page. We are also involved in a number of regreening initiatives. Please take a look at our Community Gardening and Environment pages.

Anybody who lives, works or visits South Woodford can be a member of the Society, and it's free to join! Sign up via our website

Society officials and committee members:

  • Co-Chairs: Pearl Arbenser-Simmonds & Louise Burgess
  • Vice Chair: Rena Pathak
  • Secretary: Elaine Atkins
  • Treasurer: Andy Pike

Other committee members: Alice Bound, Sue Brown, Patricia Darvell and Suzanne Nolan

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