What is a community hub?

You told us South Woodford needs more places to gettogether, more cultural opportunities and more spaces for young people. Part of the Design Code's vision is for every resident in South Woodford to be able to access a community hub within a 10-minute walk.

A community hub is a multipurpose centre (such as a community hall, medical centre, school, indoor or outdoor space) that provides a range of high quality and cost effective services to the local community, with the potential to develop new services in response to changing community needs.

  • What should a community hub offer in South Woodford?
  • Should it be a new purpose built space, or integrated within existing building(s) or service(s)?
  • Which location(s) are suitable?
  • How could it be funded? How could it be operated?

Post your ideas below. You can add text, photos and videos. Comment and vote on other ideas too!