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Welcome to the South Woodford Design Code community portal. This is your place to influence the development of your local area.

Help transform South Woodford:

from… a neighbourhood with poor provision of parks, playgrounds and public space, which prioritises cars over people, and lacks key local amenities

to… a green and active neighbourhood, which inspires people to walk and cycle, filled with opportunities for the community to socialise.

Four priorities

You told us South Woodford needs more active greenspace, improved public space, pedestrian and cycle friendly streets, and key amenities. Working together to address these priorities – with residents, community groups, businesses, developers and local authority – we will pave the way for a neighbourhood which meets the needs of current and future residents.

Read our community consultation report →

Greenspace - Public space - Walking and cycling infrastructure - Amenities

We'd like to delve deeper into these four priorities. Share your views on our interactive map below.

Interactive map

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